If your organization is not configured for automatic printer deployment, or the printer you are looking for is not configured for automatic deployment, you can manually add a printer(s) to your workstation.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. In the bottom-right of your screen, locate the Printix Client icon in the strip of icons to the left of your clock. It looks like this:

  2. Right-click the Printix Client icon and then click Printers:

  3. In the popup window that appears, check any printers you wish to add to your computer, and then click Add:

  4. Once the printers are installed, you may be prompted with an option to view the manual. Choose the option to not see this prompt again, and click Ok.

The printers you selected are now installed on your computer!

⚠ Note that you may have to close any programs you had open before installing the printers, and then re-open them in order for those programs to recognize them.