To complete MFA enrollment, you will need the following:

  • Your personal or work cell phone (make sure that this device is something you keep on your person at all times that you need to access your work content).

  • A computer- it's easiest to do this on a work-issued computer.

  • Approximately 10-15 minutes to complete the enrollment process.

Once you have the above items, please proceed with the instructions below.

Installing the Microsoft Authenticator app

On your phone, go to the following website:

There will be a blue button that says "Get the app". Tap that button and you will be taken to the app store page for your type of phone.From the app store page, install the authenticator app to your phone.
Open the app once it has been downloaded.

If you are prompted to provide diagnostic data to Microsoft, choose Accept.

STOP! Put your phone to the side- the next steps must be completed on a computer. You will be prompted when to return to your phone.

Enrolling your account in MFA

On your computer, go to the following website:

If you are prompted to sign in, do so using your work email and password.Follow the on-screen instructions. Because you already downloaded the app in the previous section, when you are directed to install it, just choose Next.

Continue following the prompts- when you are asked to scan the QR code with the app, do so.

Note: The first time you set up the Microsoft Authenticator app, you might receive a prompt asking whether to allow the app to access your camera (iOS) or to allow the app to take pictures and record video (Android). You must select Allow so the authenticator app can access your camera to take a picture of the QR code in the next step.

At the last stage of enrollment, you will be prompted to enter a code to test the app. You will see the two-digit code on your screen, and you will get a pop-up on your phone. Tap the pop-up on your phone and you will be prompted to enter the two-digit code on your screen. Do so, and then you should see a message like this on your computer:
That means you are done!


If your company is already enrolled in MFA, then you are all set- you will now get your MFA prompts on this device. If this is your company's first time enrolling in MFA, you will have received a cutoff date for enrolling in the program. After that date, any time you sign into your Microsoft Online services on a new app or on a new device and periodically thereafter, you will receive a MFA prompt to confirm your sign-in.

 Never enter an authenticator code given to you by anyone else- only ever enter authenticator codes that show up on your screen as a result of you trying to log in.

Getting a new phone

If you purchase a new phone, you will need to re-install the Microsoft Authenticator app and then re-enroll in MFA on your new device by following the above steps. If you no longer have your old phone, please open a ticket and we will manually remove it from your account and allow you to enroll your new device.