Importing a preconfigured Remote Desktop File

If you are connecting to your office computer from a macOS device and have been provided a pre-configured connection file, you can use the instructions below to import it in to your RDP application.

⚠ If you do not already have the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection app on your device, you must install it first. Simply click this link from your device to be taken to the Apple App Store page for the application.

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Download the preconfigured Remote Desktop File (.rdp) to your computer's desktop for easy access.

Note: You would typically receive this from us via email.
Open Microsoft Remote Desktop and choose Connections from the bar at the top of the screen.  From the dropdown, choose Import from RDP File

Select Desktop from your favorites, highlight the .rdp file, and click on Import


You should now see your computer listed within Microsoft Remote Desktop.  To get connected, double-click on the newly created remote connection.

If prompted, retype in the credentials you use to to access your work computer.