Connecting to your workstation

This article describes the process of creating a new Remote Desktop Connection file and configuring it to connect to your office computer through a Remote Desktop Gateway server. These instructions are for connecting from a macOS computer.

This is a one-time setup that will create a shortcut on your desktop that you can use to connect to your work computer.

⚠ You will need the gateway server address for your business, the name of your computer, and your business' domain name before continuing. If you do not have them, please contact us by emailing

Creating a Remote Desktop shortcut 

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If you do not already have the Microsoft Remote Desktop installed on your Mac, click on this to be brought directly to the page on the App Store.  If that does not work, click on the Apple icon in the top left of your screen, and choose App Store from the dropdown.

⚠ Note: If you already have Microsoft Remote Desktop installed, skip to Step 6.
In the search bar on the left hand side of the App Store, search for Windows Remote Desktop and then press the Enter key on your keyboard

In the search results, click on the option that says Microsoft Remote Desktop




On the next screen, click on the cloud Icon with the arrow pointing downward or the word Get to begin downloading the Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Note: You may be prompted to sign-in with your Apple ID before downloading any applications from the App Store.
Once the download completes, click on the Open icon on the screen

Once you've opened Microsoft Remote Desktop, click the Add PC button in the center of the window




On the Add PC screen, enter the name of your computer in the PC name field.

Click on the field for User Account, and when prompted choose the Add User Account option

Enter your Domain and User Name in the Username field. Separate your domain and username with a backslash ("\"). Additionally, enter the password that you use the connect to your work computer. Once this is complete, click Add

Click on the Gateway field and choose the Add Gateway option.

In the next window, fill in your gateway server address in the Gateway name field.

In the User Account field you will be able to add the User Account you configured in Step 8

Once this is complete, click Add




Click on the Display tab and check off the Use all monitors option.

Now click on the Devices & Audio tab and check off Printers and Clipboard

Once this is complete, click Add in the bottom right hand corner of the window
You should now see your computer listed within Microsoft Remote Desktop.  To get connected, double-click on the newly created remote connection.

If prompted, retype in the credentials you use to to access your work computer.