Step 1-Log into the MSP console at and click into the File Backup and Recovery Area.  Enter the credentials (in 1PW).

Click "Add new Account" and enter the customer name.  Then enter the max allowed GB.

Log onto customer computer and install the software (which can be found under the software downloads link in the MSP portal.  Once installed, enter the MASTER username and pw (the same that you used to log into the File Backup and Recovery area in the MSP portal (currently and then select EXISTING ACCOUNT--->and choose the customer account.

Then go to each folder in explorer that you want to back up and right click for the context menu and choose "Storagecraft Backup and Recovery--->Backup Always.  Do this for each folder you want backed up.

Then go back to the portal and click into the customer account.  Under Standard Configuration For New Computers: click "Change" and choose the Osmosis Configuration.  (Not sure if this is necessary but yolo)

Finally, choose "End User Report Scheduling", then "Schedule a New Report" and enter Care as the email address and choose Always, even if problems exist .  Repeat and add an additional report if you want one to go to the customer.