This rule takes all email sent from a list of specific users that you provide, and moves them to a specific folder in your inbox.

This can be a great organizational tool and can make your inbox a lot easier to manage.

1. Open Microsoft Outlook

2. Select the Home tab at the top of the screen, and look for Rules on the ribbon.  Click on Rules > Manage Rules & Alerts.

3. In the Rules and Alerts dialog box, on the E-mail Rules tab, choose New Rule.

4. In the Rules Wizard, underneath the Stay Organized section, choose the "Move messages from someone to a folder" option, and click Next.

5. On the next screen, under Step 1, make sure "from people or public group" is checked.

6. Under Step 2, click on the "people or public group" text.

7. In the Rule Address window, add the list of email addresses that will be forwarded to a specific folder in the box to the right of From on the bottom part of the window. Separate each email address with a semicolon ;                                   (Example;; etc) After you've added all the email addresses, click OK.

8. Back in the Rules Wizard, under Step 2, click on the "specified" text.

9. On the next screen, click on New...

10. In the Create New Folder window, type in the name you want the folder to be called, and click OK.

11. Now select the folder you've just created underneath Choose a folder, and choose OK.

12. Back in the Rules Wizard, choose Next.

13. On the next screen, make sure stop processing more rules and move it to the specified folder are checked, and choose Next.

14. On the next screen where it asks "are there any exceptions?" leave all the options unchecked, and click Next.

15. On the last screen titled Finish rule setup, Choose a name for the rule you created.  Choose a name that describes what the rule does. (Example: Forward to Company123 Folder)

16. Make sure the Turn on this rule is checked, and choose Finish.